By Using Super Chat/PayPal on Tina Reads You YouTube Channel You Agree to the following.

  1. Only $10+ Super Chats & PayPal will be answered. 
  2. Super Chats and PayPal payments are not a substitute for medical, legal, financial, or expert advice.
  3. Questions are answered quickly by pulling one or more cards. They are a great way to help support the channel however they are not to be considered a full personal reading.
  4. You must be present for your question(s). Tina will not go back and look for your question if you missed it.
  5. Super chats must be typed into the Super Chat box and PayPal questions must be typed in the payment. If the Super Chat box/PayPal payment are empty, it will be considered a donation.
  6. Payment cannot be refunded. Charges are handled by Google Pay/PayPal not refundable.

If any of these rules are not agreeable to you, please do not make a payment. Having your beautiful energy here is more than enough support.

Super Chats and PayPal are wonderful ways to support the Tina Reads You channel and Tina is very grateful for the support.

Disclaimer: All tarot readings are for Entertainment Purposes ONLY. You are the creator of your life and responsible for your own life and decisions. Tina Reads You is not qualified to give Medical, Legal or Financial Advice, and takes no responsibility for individual interpretations or actions.